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Regional General Manager, David Harvey  289-293-0614

General Manager, Vicki Dillane 289-0293-0620

General Manager, Consumer Shows, Sanjay Agnihotri 905-273-8153

Production & Distribution Manager, Rhonda Ridgway 289-293-0638

Business Manager, Sandy Pare  905-526-3364

For Information regarding the following publications and shows please contact:

City Parent, 

                     Sales,  Deb Pells  289-293-0708

                     Editorial, Jane Muller

FYI (Forever Young Information) ,  

                     Sales, Nancy Gibson  289-293-0698

                     Editorial, Jane Muller

WEST of the City/ Taste Magazine, 

                     Sales, Cynthia Slater  289-293-0696

                     Editorial, Holly Crawford  289-293-0625

Boating Business, 

                      Sales, Tony Lepera  289-293-0724

                      Editorial, Jonathan Lee    289-293-0629

Boat Guide Canada, 

                      Sales, Tony Lepera 289-293-0724

                      Editorial, Jonathan Lee     289-293-0629

Ports Cruising Guides,

                      Sales, Tony Lepera 289-293-0724

                      Editorial, Jonathan Lee     289-293-0629

Canadian Auto World,

                      Sales, Ralph Ventriglia   289-293-0704

                      Editorial, Jackson Hayes   289-293-0627

Formula Special Projects,

                      Jock McCleary,    289-293-0701

Toronto Golf and Travel Show,

                      Lars Melander,  289-293-0718

National Bridal Show,

                      Madelaine Gileadi,  905-273-8276

Enthusiast Gaming Live Expo,

Andrew Gordon,   905-526-3399

For additional contact information please visit our properties' individual websites.


Upcoming Shows

The Toronto Golf & Travel Show
February 23-25, 2018 More Info